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IXXI is printed on high-quality synthetic paper with a matte finish. The cards are 0.33mms thick, do not warp and are water and UV resistant. Your IXXI is custom-made quality.

Prices and shipment
IXXI is available from € 29,95 (40 x 60 cm / 6 cards). The price of your IXXI is instantly shown in the first step of the design tool. Shipment starts at € 3,95 and your IXXI will be home delivered within 3 - 5 working days!

About IXXI
With IXXI you can easily create your own personal wall decoration in any size you want. This high-quality product, consisting of cards and connectors, offers endless possibilities in images, shape and size. Affordable - ánd Dutch - Design! Check out our story here.

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  • Nomination Dutch Design Award 2010
  • Winner European Design Award 2018
  • Nomination German Design Award 2019
  • Winner Dutch Interactive Award

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • IXXI is sustainable
  • IXXI manufactures ethically
  • IXXI values good relationships
  • Trustpilot

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About IXXI

Our story

With IXXI, you can easily create your own personal wall decoration in any size you want. This high-quality product consists of cards and connectors, offering endless possibilities in image, shape and size. Affordable Dutch Design!

Our story
In the summer of 2010, three Dutch designers (Roel Vaessen, Paulien Berendsen & Eric Sloot) developed a completely new concept for wall decoration. Originating from a project for the Dutch Province of North Brabant, they conceived the innovative connector X to join 17.000 postcards together for a trade fair stand. After positive feedback and a nomination for the Dutch Design Awards, they decided to develop this new connector system into a flexible and versatile consumer product. As the designers Paulien, Eric and Roel were friends ánd neighbours, the whole concept was worked out in detail around the fire pit.

Art for everyone
In September that year, the website went online. A creative platform where consumers could upload images to create their own, personal collage or blow-up. Beside this, the designers wanted to offer an inspiring collection of images, that would make design and art accessible to a large audience. The Dutch Rijksmuseum joined in, and soon other museums, leading brands, photographers and designers from all over the globe followed suit.

Let’s IXXI the world
IXXI is entirely produced in the Netherlands. With partners such as HP & Agfa, IXXIs are printed on Synaps; a high-quality synthetic material which is water resistant, UV resistant and does not warp or tear. Every IXXI is made to measure with the utmost care by a highly motivated team. They are shipped in a compact package; these days to all corners of the globe.

Your world within reach
Whether you show your most beautiful, memorable moments or want to bring modern day art from our ever-changing collection into your home - with IXXI you can! Cards are easily swapped or added, so your interior always stays up to date. Our inspiration page offers endless ideas to get started with IXXI. What is your world?

Working at IXXI

We are looking for a #C .NET developer. Discover what it’s like to work at IXXI: check the vacancy and apply!  


Together with alluring brands, talented designers, photo agencies and renowned museums, IXXI offers a unique collection of images. With our partners, we make design accessible. Let’s IXXI your world!


IXXI x Corporate Social Responsibility

We like to think that, in our own way, we make the world a little bit more beautiful. Not just with our personal wall decoration and extraordinary wall art, but also with our approach to doing business. We know that all of our activities can affect both people and the planet, so this is what we're doing to limit our environmental impact and operate in a clean and responsible way.

IXXI is sustainable
Our product is tear-proof, moisture-resistant, UV-resistant, free from toxins, and 100% recyclable.

IXXI manufactures ethically
Our products are made to order and manufactured locally, with as little waste as possible. IXXIs are lightweight and shipped in compact packaging.

IXXI values good relationships
When it comes to our employees, partners, suppliers and charities, we offer support where it's needed, invite collaboration when possible, and we give rewards whenever they're deserved. That's how we're making the world a little bit more beautiful for ourselves and others.