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Create a collage or enlargement of your favourite photographs or the most beautiful images in our collection.

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Select a size and shape. There are many available options: spread the image over multiple cards, add frameworks, filters or text. 

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The images are printed on high-quality square cards, which you can connect to each other with the provided crosses. 

Fix to the wall

It’s easy to fix the IXXI to the wall with the provided hanging strip and adhesive strip, without nails. Cards can be replaced or new ones can be added easily!

Want to know more about the material, delivery specifications or shipment? Please go to the FAQ

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IXXI is an inspiring and flexible product to decorate interiors, for displays, business presentations and expositions, or business gifts.

Compact in storage but massive in its presentation. IXXI can be realized quickly and easily, for any conceivable project. You may use your own images or select from our extensive collection.
 Are you unable to place your order through our web shop, or do you have different wishes? Our project team offers support and can help you decide on the choice of materials and images used. They will also help you with DTP activities. We like to contribute!


At the bottom of this page you’ll find the most frequently asked business questions. For further question or a quotation you can contact us at


Business gifts

It requires consideration to find the perfect gift for your important clients, employees and colleagues. If you want to impress, you better present them with something well-liked! Create a personalized IXXI for special events, corporate gifts, sales visits and giveaways, which you can customize with your business logo and personal message. Our custom gift cards allow the lucky ones to get creative with the infinite possibilities of IXXI themselves. And believe us.. nothing is more exciting to receive than a personal gift a beautiful IXXI gift box. 


Our design team is ready to create your customized gifts. Download the brochure for additional information and prices.

IXXI B2B Business Gifts

Do you have any questions or would you like to get a quotation? 
Please  contact us at






What are the available sizes of IXXI cards?

IXXI cards can be delivered in the following measurements:
. 10 x 10 cm
. 14 x 14 cm
. 20 x 20 cm
. 30 x 30 cm

For deviating sizes you may request information and a quotation at

Is there a minimum and maximum size?

IXXI can be delivered in any size you like. For projects, there is a minimum of 6 m². In our web shop IXXIs can be ordered starting from 6 cards.


What are IXXI cards made of?

Standard IXXI cards are made of Synaps: high-quality synthetic paper (0.3 mm thick, 300 grs.) The material developed by Afga is flexible, waterproof, strong, does not tear and is UV resistant. Synaps is not flame retardant.

On a project basis, we can also deliver cards in various colours, materials and transparent materials. Also in flame retardant material.

How to clean an IXXI?

The cards can be cleaned by using a damp, soft cloth and some cleaning agent.

Is the material fire retardant?

Standard IXXI cards are not fire retardant. Upon request, IXXI delivers cards in fire retardant material, Picosfilm B1 certified.

Is IXXI a sustainable product?

The material used for IXXI is recyclable. No toxic or hazardous substances are used during the production process. Product waste can be re-used.

Is IXXI suitable for damp spaces or outdoors?

Yes, the material is moisture proof and UV resistant. However: in due course a minimal discoloration may take place on the print work. If you want your IXXI outside we recommend to get an additional strip for the bottom, due to wind.

Attachment and image resolution

How to attach an ixxi?

IXXI's can be attached in various ways:

. To the wall with a strip
. To the wall with a rail
. As a sliding panel in a 2-channel rail
. Hanging in the air with a rail

Check out the possibilities above.

Is it possible to get the connecting crosses in a different colour?

Black, white, yellow, green, blue and red are the standard colours. We can deliver other colours upon request, but only for large amounts.

What should the resolution of my image file be?

For an optimal result IXXI recommends a resolution of 150 dpi, 1:1. For larger ixxis 100 dpi will also be great, because these will be viewed from a greater distance.

Prices and delivery

How much do I pay for an IXXI?

The price depends on a number of factors: the product, size, attachment method and the material. IXXIs on project basis are available from 6 m².

Please contact us at for a quotation. 

What about delivery time?

The delivery time depends on the size of the project. Please get in touch with us through

Do you also deliver abroad?

Most certainly! IXXI delivers globally.

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