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Create a collage or enlargement of your favourite photographs or the most beautiful images in our collection.

Make it personal

Select a size and shape. There are many available options: spread the image over multiple cards, add frameworks, filters or text. 

Click the cards

The images are printed on high-quality square cards, which you can connect to each other with the provided crosses. 

Fix to the wall

It’s easy to fix the IXXI to the wall with the provided hanging strip and adhesive strip, without nails. Cards can be replaced or new ones can be added easily!

Want to know more about the material, delivery specifications or shipment? Please go to the FAQ

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Product & assortment

What are the cards made of?

The IXXI cards are 0.3 mm thick and are made of high-quality synthetic paper. This material is water proof, UV resistant and does not tear or warp.

The print can however discolor when it is frequently exposed to UV-light.

What do I get?

An IXXI is delivered including the following parts: 

. printed IXXI cards
. connecting pieces (X and I)
. hanging strip
. Monos
. tesa Powerstrips & pushpins
. click tube
. manual

Note: this does not apply to the refill option, which is used to order additional cards.

Can I buy an IXXI in a shop?

Special collection IXXIs are globally available in museums and design shops. An overview of the shops where you can buy IXXI can be found at shops.

What about the size of the IXXI cards?

The cards from a collage and enlargement (with your own images and IXXI's collection) are always 20 x 20 cm. If you create an IXXI pixel, the cards will always be 10 x 10 cm. The card sizes of the Specials in IXXI's collection vary between 20 x 20 cm, 14 x 14 cm and 10 x 10 cm.

What are ‘Specials’ in IXXI’s collection?

IXXI Special

Specials are fixed-size products, which can be ordered directly. They are marked with a black ‘sticker’ in IXXI’s collection. These products were designed especially by and for IXXI and can, for example, be printed on both sides or provided with a special, modular option. This is also where you’ll find a series of unique ‘pixel’ products.

Is it possible to get the Specials from IXXI's collection in a different size?

Unfortunately not. The Specials from IXXI's collection are only available in the offered sizes.

Can I order separate parts?

For sure! Go to ‘products’ and there you’ll find supplementary order and parts.
IXXI refill is exclusively used to order cards. You may order separate cards with your own image material or with image bank images. They’re available starting from 4 cards.

If you go to 'tools', you will also find additional strips, connecting pieces and blank images.

The tesa Powerstrips® can’t be ordered separately through IXXI. They’re available at tesa® or at the nearest DIY shop.

What about the validity of a gift card?

An IXXI gift card is valid for three years. This applies to e-mail gift cards as well as postal gift cards.

Can I use the code on my gift card more than once?

Sure you can! In case you’ve spent less than the amount on the gift card, the remaining amount will still be available. You can just use the code for a next order.

Creating an IXXI

What are the requirements for my own image files?

You can use the following image formats to create an IXXI: jpeg, jpg and png. One image may be 50 MB at most.

Can I save my IXXI and finish it later?

Certainly! You’ll need a ‘my IXXI’ account though. Simply create an account by clicking on login at the top right of your screen. We will save your design for 30 days at most.

I can’t figure out how to design my IXXI. What to do?

We’re sorry to hear that you haven’t been able to create your IXXI. Please try a different web browser. It’s possible that this is the causing the issues. If you’re using Internet Explorer, then you need version 9 or higher. Alternatively, you could use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome instead.

Sometimes deleting your cookies and history also helps.

Do I have to provide square images in order to print them on IXXI cards?

No, you don’t have to. You can just upload rectangular images and use the module to determine the crop. You can zoom in and out and move the image within the square frame.

Is it possible to use multiple cards for one image when making a collage?

Absolutely! After you’ve positioned an image in the collage you can use one of the eight anchor points to drag the image over several cards.

This is how to make a collage: check out the video tutorial.

The resolution of my uploaded image is ‘low’, but the preview looks fine. What’s going on here?

The resolution required in order to properly display an image on a computer screen isn’t as high as for printing. You’ll need a higher resolution for this. Quite possibly the image looks great on your screen, but it may not be suitable for print. In case a poor or average quality is indicated, we recommend you to choose another image or decrease the size of your IXXI.

I would like to add new cards or replace some of them. Should I expect to see a difference in colour between the old and new prints?

When you order new black-and-white or sepia prints, these may be slightly different to the already printed black-and-white or sepia prints. That is due to the way the colours are built up: in order to obtain a deep colour, it is built up with a variety of colours. In one print a specific colour may be slightly more dominant than in the other.

This does not apply to colour prints. Although the influence of sunlight can have had some effect on your existing cards, which can cause a difference in color.

Does an IXXI print look the same as a photo print?

No, a photo print goes through a different process than a digital IXXI print. Glossy paper is often used for photographs, whereas IXXI uses matte, synthetic paper. Colours may appear differently.

Hanging and switching

How to attach an IXXI to the wall?

An IXXI is delivered with a standard hanging system: a hanging strip, Monos, tesa Powerstrips and pushpins.
You connect the IXXI cards and adjust your hanging strip to the length you will need. You attach the hanging strip to the wall with the tesa Powerstrips and the pushpins.
At last, you connect the IXXI on the hanging strip. Check out our demo or our manual.

Are there any requirements for the wall surface?

An IXXI is delivered with a standard hanging system: a hanging strip, Monos, tesa Powerstrips and pushpins.
The tesa Powerstrips affix best to a smooth, clean, hard and nonporous surface. With the pushpins, the IXXI can be attached on rough plaster, rough cement paint or vinyl wallpaper.

Are there other ways to attach an IXXI to the wall?

You can use a standard curtain rail, these are available at DIY shops. The hanging strip won’t be needed then. Connect the X’s at the top of the IXXI and slide the IXXI into the rail.

Can I change my existing IXXI?

Yes you can! Go to products > refill because that’s where you can order separate cards, which can be used to replace existing cards or to expand your IXXI.

Do you want to expand your IXXI? Then you may need extra strip and connecting pieces. These can be found on the website at tools

How to take apart an IXXI?

IXXI cards are made of a strong material that doesn’t crease. If light force is applied to remove the cards from the connecting pieces, they won’t get damaged. It is recommended to push the connecting piece in the opposite direction. 

What’s the best way to remove the hanging strip?

Powerstrips Remove 2
Beneath the Mono, a piece of the tesa Powerstrip is visible. The Mono will come loose by gently pulling on this piece of the tesa Powerstrip.

The tesa Powerstrip sticks to the topcoat (e.g. plaster) of your wall. Be mindful to detach the Powerstrip with utmost care by slowly pulling it in a downwards direction. Keep the tesa Powerstrip parallel to the wall instead of pulling it towards you. Use your other hand to keep the Mono in place.

Powerstrips Remove

How to clean an IXXI?

The cards can be cleaned by using a damp, soft cloth and some cleaning agent.

Note! Gently rub the material. hen there is too much pressure while cleaning the ink can be wiped off.

Service, prices & shipment

How do I get in touch with IXXI?

IXXI is happy to talk by e-mail. We’ll answer your question within one working day.

How much do I pay for an IXXI?

That depends on two factors: the type of product and its size. After you’ve selected your product, you’ll be asked to provide the measurements. The calculator will indicate the corresponding price. IXXIs from the special collection have a fixed size and price. IXXI is available starting from € 33.50 (60 x 80 cm).

Please pay attention: the prices do not include shipping costs.

What about shipping costs?

The Netherlands (€ 3,95 / £3.35 / $5.25)
Belgium & Germany (€ 3,95 / £5.00 / $ 7.95)

Click here for shipping to other countries.

IXXI is not responsible for extra charges by the transport service or customs, listed as taxes, import and / or custom duties. These costs can be charged for orders outside of the EU and costs will always be for the client.



I haven’t received an order confirmation. What to do?

Perhaps the order confirmation ended up in your spam or junk mail. Have you checked? If you can’t find it there, please send us an email. 

And what about the delivery time?

You can expect your IXXI to be delivered 4 or 5 days after you placed your order. Click here for an overview for shipment costs per country. 

Does IXXI deliver in my country?

Please click here for an overview of all the countries IXXI delivers to and the accompanying shipping costs.

What is covered by the guarantee?

If the design, material or production of the product is flawed, you are entitled to have the product repaired by IXXI. Or, if product repair is not possible, you are entitled to have it replaced by IXXI.

IXXI does not guarantee that its supplied products can resist ultraviolet radiation or any other environmental factors.

No warranty applies to damages arising from the incorrect use or application of the products supplied.

The proof of purchase (the order confirmation upon payment) is the certificate of guarantee. If repair or replacement is not possible, IXXI is entitled to repudiate the agreement and to credit you for the entire sum.

Can I cancel my order?

Once your order has been placed it cannot be cancelled. 

Can I return my IXXI?

IXXI offers you the possibility to create your own unique wall decoration. The size is up to you; position the image as you like and select a color for the connecting tools.

A unique product originates, entirely composed according to your wishes.
Concequently, IXXI’s which are created with the help of our online module can not be returned.

On the other hand, our Order Directly IXXI's have fixed dimensions and can not be customized. Therefore, these IXXI’s can be returned. These IXXI's are recognizable by the black ‘Shopping Cart’ button. 

You can contact us within 14 working days after receiving your IXXI to discuss the further handling. Your e-mail will be processed within one working day. The amount paid will be refunded within 5 working days after receiving the IXXI back. Shipment costs for returning will be for account of the buyer.

Did you buy your IXXI somewhere else than in our web shop? Please contact the relevant seller.

Creating an IXXI in 4 steps

How to hang your IXXI

Couldn't find what you were looking for or do you have more questions? Please contact our customer service using the button below or mail to [mail @].

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