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IXXI is printed on high-quality synthetic paper with a matte finish. The cards are 0.33mms thick, do not warp and are water and UV resistant. Your IXXI is custom-made quality.

Prices and shipment
IXXI is available from € 29,95 (40 x 60 cm / 6 cards). The price of your IXXI is instantly shown in the first step of the design tool. Shipment starts at € 3,95 and your IXXI will be home delivered within 3 - 5 working days!

About IXXI
With IXXI you can easily create your own personal wall decoration in any size you want. This high-quality product, consisting of cards and connectors, offers endless possibilities in images, shape and size. Affordable - ánd Dutch - Design! Check out our story here.

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  • Nomination Dutch Design Award 2010
  • Winner European Design Award 2018
  • Nomination German Design Award 2019
  • Winner Dutch Interactive Award

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  • IXXI is sustainable
  • IXXI manufactures ethically
  • IXXI values good relationships

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IXXIs fifth Anniversary!

Behind the scenes

411 Fav5 IXXI Intro

HOORAY. It’s our fifth anniversary this year!

That’s why we think it’s time to get to know the people behind IXXI by reading our Favorite Five × The Anniversary issue.

Our 5-year favorites: 

1. IXXI loves Avocado

411 Fav5 IXXI 1

At IXXI, we have a daily lunch break together where we share stories, jokes and our favorite (or strangest) lunch combinations.

The green magic Avocado is our ‘alltime favorite’ and a true lunch-hit. Why? Because it’s a delicious and healthy addition to your sandwich or salad.

Our favorite Avocado-Sandwich combinations are:
- Wholemeal Sandwich (toasted) - some slices of avocado - salt & pepper - Serrano – Rocket on top.
- Spelt Sandwich – Spicy Hummus – avocado on top – salt & pepper.

Bon Appetit!

2. IXXI loves Paperback | Studio Parade

411 Fav5 IXXI 2

Our favorite item in the IXXI Studio is; The Paperback, designed by Studio Parade. This design is a tribute to the book and takes up minimal space in your interior.

Present your most beautiful books, CDs and other small items in the Paperback (like we did), and it will look like an amazing and designed color palet.

3. IXXI loves ‘s-Hertogenbosch

411 Fav5 IXXI 4

The IXXI Studio is based in ’s-Hertogenbosch, in the South of The Netherlands. Most of the IXXI employees live here; we love this city!

Have you never been in ’s-Hertogenbosch of don’t you know the cool places? We do!

Please find the coolest hotspots & insider tips below. 

- Snellestraat: you’ll find a lot of hotspots in- or around the ‘Snellestraat’.

  • Eetbar DIT: first of all, there’s a great & trendy restaurant called Eetbar DIT. Ask a local where you can find this hotspot and we’re sure he/she can tell. Enjoy the concept ‘shared dining’ with a good glass of wine, while you’re reading the funniest menu you’ve ever seen. Don’t forget to look (and read) around: the decor is amazing!
  • Vintage Room: A few doors down you’ll find Vintage Room. Make sure you’ll take a look at this cool design store where you can find unique items.
  • Oak: walk a little further and you’ll find the sweet conceptstore 'Oak' where you can buy the cutest clothes, gifts and items for your interior.
  • NomNom: If you cross the street from there, you’ll find the brand new restaurant 'NomNom' where you enjoy the most delicious fair & healthy dishes with influences from around the world. The ambience is great, so definitely have a look (and bite) there!

- Conceptstore VanDaan: If you’re looking for some great and trendy interior items, please make sure you’ll visit the conceptstore VanDaan. If you walk to the ‘Minderbroedersstraat’ (in the middle of the Snellestraat) you’ll find VanDaan on your left hand. 

- Bar35: Craving for a burger & a tasteful glass of beer? You should check out Bar35 in ‘de Lepelstraat’. It’s the best place in ‘s-Hertogenbosch if you want to have a delicious burger and a good night out.

- Conceptstores Westside, Oh & Robbies: If you’re looking for great conceptstores with beautiful fashion-, interior- and accessories brands, please make sure you’ll go to 'de Verwersstraat'. Westside, Oh and Robbies are located in one line. So hop in and jump out! 

- De Verkadefabriek: If you prefer to dance or see a unique movie, you have to check out the Verkadefabriek. It’s a little bit out of the city center but it’s the perfect place for a great movie, performance or danceparty.

4. IXXI loves to bike

411 Fav5 IXXI 3

You’re Dutch or you’re not. We love to bike!
Everyday we ride to the IXXI Studio by bike. It keeps us sporty.

5. IXXI loves Graffiti 6.

411 Fav5 IXXI 5

If you’re ever visiting the IXXI Studio, you’ll definitely hear some music of the British band Graffiti 6. Their music (and looks) gives us the ultimate work vibe.

Have you ever heard the song ‘Stare into the Sun’? That’s our all time playlist-favorite.

Cheers to the next Five years with a lot of all time favorites!

Love, IXXI.

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