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Flamingo Fever


Pink or red, covered in plumes or one paw up. Naturally we are talking about the Flamingo. Nowadays, this elegant animal cannot be missing in your interior. Whether you chose to have a tiny Flamingo detail or as funky wall decoration; the sky is the limit. Although we prefer the latter of course.

In the Natural History image bank you can find not just one, but two different Flamingo IXXI’s; to be completely cropped and scaled to your liking. Get inspired by these inspirational images, where both Flamingo’s are styled in various interiors.

Which Flamingo would you choose?

4419 Flamingo Fever 1
4419 Flamingo Fever 7

4419 Flamingo Fever 4

4419 Flamingo Fever 9

4419 Flamingo Fever 2

4419 Flamingo Fever 14

4419 Flamingo Fever 5

4419 Flamingo Fever 3

4419 Flamingo Fever 6

4419 Flamingo Fever 10

4419 Flamingo Fever 12

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