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Create a collage or enlargement of your favourite photographs or the most beautiful images in our collection.

Make it personal

Select a size and shape. There are many available options: spread the image over multiple cards, add frameworks, filters or text. 

Click the cards

The images are printed on high-quality square cards, which you can connect to each other with the provided crosses. 

Fix to the wall

It’s easy to fix the IXXI to the wall with the provided hanging strip and adhesive strip, without nails. Cards can be replaced or new ones can be added easily!

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Gift card

$ 11.25)
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Gift card

Looking for an original gift idea or business gift and would like to leave the creativity up to the one who receives the IXXI? Then give someone an IXXI Gift card! The recipient can use the card to get cracking with his or her own photographs, but it’s also possible to pick from IXXI’s collections. An IXXI is the greatest photo present ever!


Gift cards start at €10, you may choose to have the gift card delivered by e-mail or post. If you decide to send the gift card by post then it will be wrapped in gift paper. You'll receive the gift card within 4 to 5 days in your mail box. 

To show that you aren’t just giving some random photo gift, you can choose a background for the gift card and also add a personal message. As for the background, you can select one of several wonderful images from the IXXI collection! 

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